Sunday, March 29, 2009


Nowadays,education are very imporatant for every level of people. Not only the oldest now finding and getting the knowledge, but the youngest also realise the important to be a kowledgeable person. To teach this level of children , we need profesional person which are teacher for them to know which method will be use for that children.

A basic degree now a needee from the teacher because the higher the the certificate that the teacher have, the more knowledgeable there are. This can be explain by having the certificate we are valueable at anywhere.When we have a qualification shows that we have a knowledge which the right wethod will be choose to teach the children at the kindergarten. So, their lesson are not corrupted by the outsider.

Beside that, the kindergarten teacher should have at least a basic degree because to increase the confident level of the parents where they want to send their beloved children.For an example, parents will trust a person who are eligble to conduct or teach teh chidren perfectly.

In addition, parents are now educated, so they are very fussy.So the degree holder teacher can tackle by handling this kind of problems to make it better.This shows that, the knowledge not only for the kid at the kindergarten but used too their parents.For an example, crime are increasing through out the year .Therefore, parents are now very carefully about their children as we hear some taecher had rap their student even there are still youngest . So teacher that have qualification are respectable by the parents.

From the point that have made it is crysral clear taht kindergarten teacher need a degree because this is the starting point of creation of kids mind thinking , attitude and personality of themself.Later, we can get the high quality person which are valuable at our country.

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